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Long distance moving quickly and safely.

In order to meet the growing market demand, and in order to provide our customers with safe and efficient long distance moving services, specialized in long-distance moving line service was established in June 2005. Standardized operation and in order to protect the interests of customers, customers who long distance moving, the following benefits will be provided value-added services: 1,   disassembly of furniture installation services; 2,   easy to clean the wearing items such as furniture and appliances the packaging services; 3,   shall be provided particularly valuable insurance; 4,   door car booking agency sent the car fare.
implemented following service specification commitment: 1, and   ensure implementation transport vehicles condition good, driver has long-distance driving experience; 2, and   a fee lump sum, no longer midway added received other any such as fuel fee, and crossing fee, other any costs; 3, and   for items compared special of door identification assessment, provides rationalization of relocation programme; 4, and   solicitation customer door car set car, enhanced customer trust; 5, and   Ningbo moving company Chinese car, empty Assembly; 6,   common in diesel at present tense, ensuring vehicles ready, don't waste customer time due to oil in the Middle; 7,   contracts, ensuring customer benefits.
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