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Before you signed an agreement with moving

Everyone are know, agreement on like is contract as, can protection agreement both of interests, so agreement of signed is is important of, but for Ningbo moved company for, in signed agreement zhiqian also to select because now community of moved company in the many are is quality not clearance of that, if and these moved company signed has agreement, so for moved of smooth completed effect is is big of. Small series below and tell them why the move to be signed prior to choosing a good moving company to work harder on. Move troubles caused many root causes of low entry threshold, internal management is not normalized, but there is a prior did not sign a written agreement on related issues. According to xinpu business branch regulatory section about head introduced, moved belongs to domestic service of a, carried out this class business, just to to business sector registration registered, handle license can, for its carried out business by needed of transport, and staff and charges,, about sector and no fixed standard, so part wrongful operators think open, in residents corridor in posted last ad, left a phone number, again recruitment several workers even established has a moved company; company to save expenditure, Don't even have a fixed place of work, team-moves the they in no case, do business, and to other projects without business companies don't even have a business license, business everywhere. These informal moving company management to standardize service not guaranteed, provisional charges, shoplifting and other acts have occurred. System is not perfect, there are so many places that need improvement, for some specific areas need more joint efforts to complete, so in the next phase of moving industry's primary task is to continuously improve their own systems.

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