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Moving company hourly service fees

Moved in has items service called timing workers service, so-called of timing workers service is employing without car, moved company charges standard in for timing workers service is per person each hours charges 50 Yuan, this timing workers service completely is according to head and time to charges of, general situation Xia moved are is employing with car, here moved not moved are useful timing workers service of, General occasionally of find labour of live find not to on need find timing workers service. for timing workers service has questions of customer like, Timing workers according to time to is whether will appeared worked not processing deliberately kill time, matters, timing workers whether find age of big of people to worked and so on, moved in here commitment General requirements timing workers service of, we here are provides remained of guy provides moved service, and not dawdling time, will according to actual work content for work, certainly if has over number capacity within of work, will requirements increased number, like weight over, items Super big, situation

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